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What we believe and do as a church is based on the Bible.

The message of the Bible is summarized in specific truths that are referred to as the Gospel, or “good news.” While we don’t want to be over simplistic about the Gospel, we believe it can be summarized with the following truths, all of which deserve to be unpacked at length.

The Gospel begins with the truth that you and I were created to joyfully worship God. Instead, we rebelliously live for ourselves. So we deserve eternal punishment. But God, in His mercy and love, sent His Perfect Son, Jesus, to take our deserved penalty. Jesus was killed and punished in our place and for our sin. Now, the Resurrected Jesus restores to God all who believe in Him. Those who believe this Gospel and are committed to Jesus gather together regularly in worshiping communities, known as churches. Our mission as a church is to worship God, help each other grow spiritually, and lovingly serve others.

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