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Believing in and Belonging to Jesus together

Community Groups are small groups of people who get together regularly to encourage one another in the Gospel. We all need to be encouraged and built-up in faith, hope, and love. We are all also called to build others up. That’s why Community Groups exist.

A Community Group will help you believe in and know that you belong to Jesus. In a group, you’ll experience others speaking the truth in love, listening with patience, and praying God’s Word for each other. You’ll hear other people get real with one another, encounter the real God through His Word, and become strengthened to follow Jesus in the real world.

Community groups usually have 5-20 people. They meet mainly in homes. Some meet weekly, others meet every other week.

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6 core values of EVERY community group

Bible Study

The core of every group is study and application of God's Word. 


We pray together for the world and pray for one another as we go forth into the world. 


Lovingly representing Jesus Christ to one another for mutual benefit and growth


Holding each other accountable to the truth of God's word and upholding one another's confessions of faith. 


Going forth into the community together to share the love of Christ through action and acts of love.


Using words to share the message of the Gospel with the unbelievers around us.