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Welcome Back September 7!

Grades 8-12

Youth Group Meets Wednesday 7:00-9:00pm and is focused more on Relationship Building and Small Groups
Book Club Meets Sundays 12:30-2:30pm and is focused more on Deep Bible Study

Both meetings include times of fun and fellowship, as well as study of God's Word.

What is Student Ministry?

Part of the Church Today :: Leading the Church Tomorrow

Calvary’s Student Ministry exists to integrate students into the life of Calvary Baptist Church by mentoring them to be part of the church today and training them to lead the church tomorrow.

What is a "WIN" for Student Ministry?

These are the indicators we use to measure the predicted success of ministry in each of our students. These three indicators are easily observable, tangible indicators of lifelong faith proven over years of research.
Long-Term objectives are less observable, these three goals are accomplished below the surface but are characteristic of students who continue in faith. 

Immediate Indicators:

Worship with the Church

The top indicator that a student will continue in faith past their high school graduation is their regular attendance of a Sunday Morning Worship Service as part of the whole church.

Five Adults of Faith (and peers)

Students need FIVE adults of faith, people in their life who are invested in them who are directing them towards Christ, they also need a few peers of faith. 


Students benefit greatly from finding a place within the church or community to serve on a regular basis. 

Long-Term Objectives:

Able to Articulate Faith

Our students go through two 3-year cycles of teaching with series that hit every genre of scripture, core doctrine and apologetics--our top goal is for students to learn to express their faith themselves, to be able to say "this is what I believe and why."

Connect to the Story of Faith

Students are able to see their own place in the larger story of faith. This is God's story woven from the beginning of creation to Jesus and through the church. 

Mountain Top Experiences

3 times a year we have retreats or missions trips which are life changing experiences that our students often reflect back on as huge highlights in their walk with God and memories of their teen years.
Look out for our FALL RETREAT, 24 HOURS OF SERVICE in the winter and our MISSIONS trips in the summer.

CPYU Parent Page

Each month CPYU (Center for Parent and Youth Understanding) published a parent page. This is a resource for parents, youth leaders, grandparent or anyone else who cares about the future of our kids. This resource provides great insights into cultural trends and life in the world of our young people. 

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