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Classes at Calvary

Our classes are designed to equip believers to STUDY God's Word and to prepare them for every good work. 

Sunday Classes for Adults

Sunday mornings at 9:00am are ending May 28 and will return again in September

Sunday classes run September through May. Our Sunday classes are designed to provide believers with a base knowledge of the Bible, Christian Doctrine, and Principles for Christian Living. Each track features a repeating two-year cycle together creating a comprehensive program to cover all areas of Christian Education. 

Bible and Doctrine Track

This track is designed to give an overview of the Bible and Christian doctrine in a two-year cycle. This is a great class for new or young believers to get a big picture of the Christian faith. It is equally beneficial for seasoned believers looking to fill in some gaps in their Bible and doctrine knowledge. 

Christian Living Track

This track features 6-12 week classes that rotate through a number of topics pertinent for the modern Christian. Expect to see classes on marriage, family, apologetics, finances, ethics, and much more. 

Deep Dive Track

The deep dive track follows a more "traditional" Sunday school model choosing one book of the Bible per year and teaching through the book verse by verse. This class is focused on expanding Bible knowledge in a more focused format. 

Current Sunday Classes

Classes end Sunday, May 28 and will return again in September
The Epistles

Bible and Doctrine Track

Led by Pastor Zach, Adam Weiss, and James Osinski in Room 218

Written in the early days of the church, the letters of Paul, John, James, Jude, and Peter contain clear instruction for living as the church. During these classes we will overviewing these instructive and informative letters.
The Art of Parenting

Christian Living Track

Led by Mike Raymond & Rob Fields in Room 207

Designed to help families biblically strengthen and transform family relationships. We will focus our attention on helping our children understand who they are in Christ, learn to live wisely and honorably, foster godly connections with others, and understand why they are here.
The Book of Jude

Deep Dive Track

Led by Scott Brantingson & Barry Smith in Room 217

This 4-week study of the short book of Jude looks at the peril in a time of apostasy from the rejection of the lordship of Christ, from living sinfully, from divisiveness, from the rejection of Godly authority, and from living only for self.

Sunday Classes for Kids


Newborn-4th grade should check in at Cape Calvary and head to their age-specified class. 


5-7th grade are in the BeTweens class led by Bill Varner in Room 213.


Go to the Bible and Doctrine Track if you are in 8th grade or older.

Have Questions?

Do I need to wait for a new class to start to join? No, jump into any class any time. Some of the classes are cumulative, but you are welcome anytime.

Do I need to register for classes? Some special classes require registration (see below), but our Sunday classes require no registration. Just show up!

Where should I start? We highly recommend beginning with the Bible and Doctrine Track. It is designed to equip you to study any part of the Bible for yourself and to give you a functional knowledge of all Christian beliefs.

Other Adult Classes & Prayer Meetings


Spanish Bible Study
Meets at 9:00am
Dirigido por Hans Huerta y José Batista en salon 204/205


Prayer Meeting
Meets at 6:30am
Led by Pastor Burd in Room 117


Prayer Meeting
Meets at 7:00pm
Led by Pastor Larry Burd in Room 106/107