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Prayer & Praise


Bud Fuchs (Calvary missionary) – Please continue to pray for Bud and Lois’ son Nate who is recovering from an Aortic Dissection, which led to two open-heart surgeries within a couple weeks of each other.
Mark Kreidler – Marlene Kreidler recently tested positive for COVID-19 at Westminster Village. She has been quarantined on the second floor with the numerous others who are positive. Fortunately, she is not showing any symptoms as of yesterday, May 17.

Leslie McGuire – I just lost my funny and precious mom three weeks ago. I just got news that my dear dad contracted COVID at Holy Family Manor and has been moved to another area. Please pray for my dad, Ken, that he will remain without symptoms and will stay well. Also, please pray for the other residents and staff at Holy Family, as they truly need God’s strength and healing at this time.
Holly Prescott – Please pray for her brother, Peter Charette (Pastor Pete). He just tested positive for COVID-19. He lives in Michigan.
Jeri Prestosh – Jeri's brother, Don, is 83 and has been healthy all of his life. Up until March, he had been taking walks around Ebenezer church with his grandson. In March, he was in the hospital for a small stroke. The doctors put him on a blood thinner, and in a few weeks, they were getting him ready to transfer to rehab. On April 26, he developed a small brain bleed; over the next several days, he developed several more brain bleeds and could not be sent to rehab. The doctors say he needs to stay on blood thinners to alleviate a stroke, but the blood thinners cause the brain bleeds, so there is nothing more they can do for him. He is home on hospice care. Please pray for the family.
Connie Schute – Please pray for Connie and her family as they mourn the loss of her mother, Betty Koch. Betty entered heaven on the morning of May 19.
Geraldine Snyder – 
Please pray for my husband and me. We are both sick with low grade fevers, chills, and a little weakness.
Tanya Stiles – Please pray for my uncle Frank; he is 94 and was just admitted to Muhlenberg because of advanced Parkinson’s. They found out he also has COVID-19. Now my aunt and cousin must be quarantined and can’t go to the hospital. They know of Jesus but have never accepted Jesus as Savior.
Chip Wolfe (Calvary missionary) Chip has been having an issue with his left eye, along with the Tinnitus being extremely loud in his head. He saw an eye doctor at the VA on Tuesday, May 18, and was diagnosed with herpes in his left eye. Medication was prescribed. He's having a lot of pain and his vision is very blurry. So thankful for your prayers!

Sarah Ziegenfus – Sarah begins radiation treatments for her breast cancer on May 26. Please pray for peace from the Lord and her ability to keep her mind focused on Him and accuracy of the technician doing the radiation, and protection against illness of any kind so she can continue her treatments unhindered.

This Week We Remember

Civil Servant:  National Security Advisor - Robert C. O'Brien
Local Church: Maranatha Family Fellowship, Pastor Jim Snyder
Missionary:  Patricia Klinger, ESL
Military:  Patrick O'Neill (Son-in-law of Jim and Mary Hoff), Navy
NAB Church:  Gettysburg Baptist Church, Reverend William Mummert
CBC Ministry:  Student Ministries
Widowed:  Harriet Robinson

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