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November Prayer Initiative

Join us in Daily Prayers of Thanksgiving through the month of November

Weekly Prayer Requests

Updated Wednesday, November 25

Calvary Members

Interceding for one another as we rotate through our church membership. 
Ben & Jenny Cowan
Phil & Dawn Craig
Paul & Suzy Cressman
Richard & JoAnne Creyer
Patrick & Eve Cubbage
Beverly Cuellar
John & Sue Cutlip
Mark & Melissa Dammeyer
Larry Davies
Michael & Kelsey DeHaven
Ron & Wendi DenBleyker
Kathy DenBleyker

Submitted Prayer Requests

Prayer requests remain on for one week; requests are updated on Monday and Friday. Scroll below to send in your own prayer request.

Ken Brader - Please pray for Ken to find transportation to and from doctors appointments. He is legally blind and struggles with other health issues. He is 4 months behind on his appointments. Close friends of his are not able to consistently help him as work schedules are tight. If you know of anyone interested in serving in this area, please call the church office at 610-365-5300.

Christian Favretto – Please pray for my mother, Jean; she fell in the house, resulting in seven broken ribs. Prayers for pain management and recovery are appreciated.

Rob Merchant – Rob’s biopsy revealed he has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, please pray that the doctors are able to treat this, and that it doesn’t progress.

Paul Wilson – We have our daughter, Ella. Please pray 1) that we receive our passport so we can leave Ella’s orphanage city and travel to Delhi where the final steps of this process happen, and 2) for a safe and healthy trip home 3) for Ella to become comfortable with a mask, and 4) for her continued bonding with us as her parents.

Missionaries and Ministries

Missionary:  Jim & Cheryl Fredericks, Life Action Ministries/Michigan
CBC Ministry: 
Wilson Outreach Team
Local Church: 
El Shaddai Assembly of God, Pastor Sean Hinton
NAB Church: 
Neshaminy Valley Baptist Church, Rev. Joseph Thomas
Unreached People Group:  Pray for the Turkmen in Turkmenistan (Population:  4,577,000,   Percentage of Evangelical Christians:   0.05%,   Largest Religion:  Islam)


Civil Servant: ABE Fire Chiefs Department
Friends in the Military/Law Enforcement: Dan Nieto, USMC

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