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Weekly Prayer Requests

Updated Monday,  August 10th

Calvary Members

Interceding for one another as we rotate through our church membership. 
Nina Riley
Anthony & Tanja Rivas
Mort & Barb Roberts
James Roddy
Bill & Diane Rogan
Neal & Gail Rogers
Mark & Prestina Rogers
Avery & Bryan Romaine
Elva Romanishan
Serena Roth
Catarina Rudoi
Michael & Michelle Ruiz

Submitted Requests

Prayer requests remain on for one week; requests are updated on Monday and Friday. Scroll below to send in your own prayer request.

Charlie & Jan Anderson – Please pray for our grandson Micah Furtick who is in Army Reserve Basic Training in Oklahoma.

 Pastor Burd – Please pray for me as I preach at Schoeneck Moravian Church in Nazareth this coming Sunday morning, August 16, and at Waldheim Park in Allentown this Sunday evening.

 Fran Gilbert – I will be having eye surgery tomorrow, August 11, to have a Cornea transplant. Please pray for me. It will be at Wills Eye Warminster.

 Diane Kulp – Pray for my daughter, Heather, and her boyfriend, Mark, to want to come to church. I am praying for Mark to come to Christ.

Kevin Virgo, Sr. – Please pray 1) for my brother-in-law to come to know the Lord, lead his family, and save his marriage, 2) that my wife and I will trust God to meet our needs and give us peace,  even in this difficult time.

 Paul & Laura Wilson – Please pray for the court hearing in India on August 17, for the little girl we are adopting. Pray that the judge would favorably rule for us to be appointed as her guardians.

Patricia Zingone – Please pray for my husband and me; due to a faulty intersection, we were flooded on two levels of our home during this week’s tropical storm. We had at least six inches of water in our lower level which we had just redone in November. While we are thankful it is not worse, water damage is overwhelming and devastating.

Requests Outside Calvary

Gilbert Valenzuela – Please pray: 1) for my health, that God heals my body and my eyes, 2) for God to keep my wife, son, and daughter in good health, 3) for my son, who is Autistic (28 years old); there are times when he won’t let us go to church, and I miss my church so much. Keep him in prayer that God would control him, heal his body one day and allow him to speak, and that he would sleep at night, 4) for churches to have programs for Autistic people 5) for open doors for my wife’s business to grow strong, 6) that my daughter would find Jesus Christ as Savior.

Missionaries and Ministries

Missionary:  Jeff & Sonya Kilmartin, NAB Conference
CBC Ministry: 
Local Church: 
The Bridge Community Church, Pastor Dave Henry
NAB Church: 
Gettysburg Baptist Church, Rev. William Mummert
Unreached People Group:  
Pray for the Mewati in Pakistan (Population: 948,000,   Percentage of Evangelical Christians: 0%,   Largest Religion: Islam)


Civil Servant: Department of Defense, Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper
Friends in the Military/Law Enforcement: Richard Kalinowski (grandson of Norm & Gladys Tonnies), Army Reserve

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