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Weekly Prayer Requests

Updated Monday, September 28

Calvary Members

Interceding for one another as we rotate through our church membership. 
Susan Toolan
Linda Torres
Scott & Mirna Trauger
Michael & Elisa Tukeva
Bob Turnbach
Betty Turner
Roger & Trudy Unangst
Greg & Jennifer Valenta
Scott & Kelly Vanek
Bill & Amanda Varner
Peter & Rowena Vera
Kevin & Nicole Virgo


Thank you for your prayers for David. The doctor was able to clear 80% of his one artery and some of the other. In 4 months, we will see about trying to clear other arteries.
 - Elaine Hughen

Our dear grandson, Micah Furtick has two weeks left to graduation from Basic Training in US Army reserve. Please pray for God’s strength to persevere in the grueling FORGE! He is looking to Jesus! Praise God.
– Charlie & Jan Anderson

Submitted Requests

Prayer requests remain on for one week; requests are updated on Monday and Friday. Scroll below to send in your own prayer request.

John & Sue Cutlip - Please keep the Cutlip's in your prayers as they lost their home in a housefire last weekend. Pray for wisdom for decisions that have to be made and for patience as the navigate through the process of replacing their home and belongings. Contact the church if you are interested in knowing how to help the Cutlip's.

Dave Herbert - Please continue to pray over Dave as he battles with cancer. Pray over his family as they need help with meals and people to look after the kids.

Robert Erland – Bob’s surgery is scheduled for September 29; it will be a 5-6-hour surgery. We really appreciate your prayers and concern.

Donna Fortney – Please pray for my son Josh as he looks for work. He is very handy and would even like to do work around the house for someone who needs projects done. Pray for the Lord to guide Josh and give him encouragement as he has feelings of depression.

Kevin Virgo – Please pray for friends who are having serious marital problems. Pray for them to open their heart to the Lord and pray for peace and understanding. Also, please pray for my wife and I to surrender to the Lord daily and that I can be a Godly husband and father for His purpose and glory. Lastly, pray that I can have peace and understanding for my new shifts at work.

Missionaries and Ministries

Missionary:  Phantom Daimari, Boro Partnership Diamond English School/India
CBC Ministry: 
Office Staff
Local Church: 
Bethel Memorial Baptist Church, Pastor Brent Robinson
NAB Church: 
Bethany Independent Baptist Church, Pastor Solomon Gordon
Unreached People Group:  
Pray for the Lohar in India (Population: 621,000,   Percentage of Evangelical Christians: 0%,   Largest Religion: Islam)


Civil Servant: Nat'l Security Advisor, Robert C. O'Brien
Friends in the Military/Law Enforcement: Micah Furtick, US Army Reserve (grandson of Charlie & Jan Anderson)

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