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Weekly Prayer Requests

Updated Monday, March 1

Calvary Members

Interceding for one another as we rotate through our church membership. 
Jason & Becky Olesky
Mariza Oliveira
James Osinski
Bob & Vonnie Ott
Allie Outhouse
Sharon Pastula
Gary & Maricel Patungan
Chris & Christine Penyak
Stephen Pesola
Hayden Phillips
Don & Marjy Phy
Rose Pinho


Janet Lutz – I broke my right foot on January 15. My neighbors and family have grocery shopped, banked, and transported me to the doctor, since I am unable to drive at this time. Praise Jesus! Also, the extra time has given me plenty of time to participate in the New Testament in a Year Reading Plan. I am really enjoying the reading plan and often listen to the chapters several times. Thank you, God, for this time to get into Your Word. Please give me the opportunities and courage to share Your Word.

Submitted Prayer Requests

Prayer requests remain on for one week; requests are updated on Monday and Friday. Scroll below to send in your own prayer request.

Hans Huerta – My friend Oscar Muñoz, pastor of the Alpha and Omega Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, is in the intensive care unit fighting for his life due to COVID-19, which has seriously affected his lungs. Please pray for him.

Cecelia Merchant – Please pray for Cecelia and her family as Rob went home to be with the Lord on Saturday evening, February 27.

Douglas Reed – Wednesday morning, Douglas slipped on ice and fractured his right leg. Please pray the Lord to provide him healing and a speedy recovery.

Dave & Merita Scott – Please continue to pray for those who are attending the ESL classes, that their hearts would be receptive to the Holy Spirit as He works through the words of Scripture that they read in their lessons.

Tanya Stiles – Please pray for my health; I had a steroid injection in my left shoulder over a week ago and ever since then, my bicep muscle is weak and very painful, especially at night. Pray that the doctor can figure out what went wrong. Pain is very exhausting.

Gladys Tonnies - Gladys was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as the doctors devise a treatment plan and for other ongoing health issues.

Kevin Virgo – Praise God with us that our nephew Noah who was born on 2/7/21 with some health concerns is finally home. Please pray 1) for his parents, Jerell and Shanay, that they can take care of him, 2) that my wife and I can pour truth into our adult boys, 3) that they live for His purposes and glory, 4) for my sister Tamika that she can find employment, 5) for my sister Simone and her husband, Tony, that God heals their marriage, 6) that Tony opens up his heart to the Lord, and 7) for the Bosket family, that God comforts them in the loss of Ricky due to complications from COVID-19. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Submitted Prayer Requests Outside of Calvary

Beth S. – Beth lost her daughter and husband in a paddleboard accident. Pray for comfort during her time of loss.

Missionaries and Ministries

Missionary: Dr. Julie Stone, NAB Conference, Cameroon
CBC Ministry:  
Financial Staff
Local Church: 
Ebenezar Bible Fellowship Church, Pastor Tim Gibson
NAB Church:  
Gettysburg Baptist Church, Gettysburg, PA, Rev. William Mummert
Unreached People Group:  Pray for the Bosniak in Turkey (Population: 112,000  ,  Percentage of Evangelical Christians:  0%,  Largest Religion: Islam)


Civil Servant:  Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi
Friends in the Military/Law Enforcement:  Patrick O'Neill, Navy (Son-in-law of Jim & Mary Hoff)

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