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Wednesday Nights Are Back September 9th

Youth Group will return with Face-to-Face ministry which will take place on Wednesday Nights beginning September 9th, 7-9pm for all students grades 7-12. At the present time, mask wearing will not be enforced.

We will meet outside as long as possible. As the year progresses and it becomes too dark or too cold to meet outside we will begin the evening with an outdoor game then go immediately to small groups.

Should it occur that there is a spike in the severity of COVID cases among teens or a spread among our students we will re-evaluate and shift programming.

Why are we doing this?

the short version...

  1. The teen demographic has a low mortality rate, making up 0.17% of COVID deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the US.
  2. The teen demographic has shown fewer cases than other demographics with only 6,597 cases (as of August 10, 2020) in the state of PA.
  3. The teen demographic is likely to be a high spreader of any infectious disease due to their large social circles and low levels of symptoms.
  4. Prolonged social isolation increases likelihood of long-term mental illness in subjects of all ages, but especially when experienced during developmental years.
  5. Among older adults, social isolation has as strong a link to heart disease and early death as smoking or obesity.
  6. The solution to social isolation is primarily more face-to-face time and an alleviation of social distancing guidelines just enough to feel normal.

The Long Version

For the readers among you (and those maybe not convinced that I've done my research), below is the long, documented version of my findings and conclusions.
Here's a short snippet:

With this evidence before me I am compelled to see the grave importance of continuing ministry face-to-face with our students. The dangers of long-term loneliness far outweigh the potential threat that COVID poses to our teens directly. What is far more difficult to weigh is the potential threat that our teens could pose as carriers of this disease to family and friends. The most logical request would be that our students limit social interaction outside of church. However, for many students this will not be possible—especially for students who attend school in a face-to-face setting—and would place a high level of constriction on parents and students.... I will leave the decision in the hands of the families as to whether or not to send your students. I feel that I can strongly point to statistics that say that this virus is not a threat to your teen and children, but it is a threat to us adults and older family members. The more people our children interact with the more likely it is for them to become spreaders, even unknowingly, of this virus. This is a difficult decision and I hope that you will see the same threat that I see in asking teens to socially distance and encourage your students to be a part of our student ministry.