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Best Small Group Games Ever!

All of the games below are simple, work with 4-10 people and require limited equipment

Active Games


One moderator yells numbers. For each number the players must get into groups of that many, each person who does not fit into a group of that size is out. Play continues until two players remain.


Everyone puts the elastic of their sock around the arch of their foot. You are not allowed to touch anyone with your arms or hands, you goal is to remove everyone’s socks (which should now be hanging off their feet). Last one with their socks still on wins. Socks cannot be put back on once removed.

Star Wars or West Side Story

Two persons shake hands “bro-style” and then point their index finger. First person to strike the other any place on their body besides the arm in play with their index finger wins and the other is eliminated (or killed). The winner goes and finds someone else to fight until one champion remains.

Rock Paper Scissors Posse

Players find someone to play rock paper scissors with, best of 3. Whoever loses has to follow around the winner and cheer for them. When they find someone else to play the winner receives both the loser and all of his posse into the winner’s posse. Play continues until the entire group is divided between two competitors. Winner takes all.

Inactive Games

Chain Charades

A team waits in a space away from the action space.
One person is given a charade and they act out the charade in front of another team member in the action space. The player is not allowed to guess or ask questions. At this point another team member joins them and the viewer now becomes the performer and acts out the charade for the additional team member. Play continues in this way until the final team member joins the group. After watching the charade they try to guess what the original charade was.
Tip: Actions work better (jumping out of a plane, getting in a car accident, cutting down a tree, going hunting, etc.)

2 Truths and a Lie

Players take turns telling three “facts” about themselves. Two of them are true, 1 is false. Other persons in the group guess (by show of fingers) which statement is false. 1 point is earned for each guesser who guesses correctly and 2 points are earned by the story teller for each person who guesses wrongly.


Set up: Everyone needs slips or paper or notecards with as many cards in the stack as people playing. 
They write a silly sentence on the top card. Once completed everyone passes their stack to the person on their left. That person reads the sentence, places the top card at the bottom of the stack and attempts to draw the sentence (like Pictionary). Then they pass the stack to the left and that person views the picture, places it at the bottom of the pile and writes the sentence. This continues until it reaches the original author.
Enjoy reading and sharing the stacks.
Supplies: as many cards per person as there are people in the group. OR you can give them a sheet of paper and have them fold it over each time

Fish Bowl

Set up: Every is given three slips of paper and they write down three nouns (one on each paper). The slips are folded (once) and place into a bowl.
Game play: There are three rounds. Each round begins with a full bowl and ends when the bowl is empty. Teams take turns with one person from the team describing or acting out the nouns of the slips and the team tries to guess. Each actor is given 30 seconds to get their team to guess as many clues as possible. Next, it is the other team’s turn. If the noun cannot be guessed it can be passed by being placed back into the bowl. This can only be done once per turn and not until the actor attempts it first. Play continues until the bowl is empty. Then points are tallied all the slip are put back in the bowl and the next round begins. Everyone must be the actor once before anyone can repeat.
Round 1: actors may use any words to describe the noun except for words contained within the noun
Round 2: actors may say one word per slip, (the word may be repeated) if they say two or more their turn ends and the bowl is passed to the other team and the slip returns to the bowl, no acting allowed
Round 3: No words are allowed only charades
Bonus round ideas:
  • Onomatopoeia (only sounds and effect noises are allowed)
  • Hand puppets (sit behind a couch with only hands showing)
  • Bed Sheet (sheet is placed over actor while they act)
  • Sculpting (players must sculpt the noun)


Set Up: get one-two decks of cards, have one fewer spoon than players, deal each player 4 cards.
Objective: get 4 of a kind, the person to do so takes a spoon, once a spoon is drawn anyone may take a spoon. Whoever does not get a spoon is out. If a spoon is taken and no one has found of a kind everyone with a spoon is out.
Game play: one person has the remainder of the deck and draws one card at a time. They decide whether to keep the card or pass. There can only be 4 cards in a person’s hand at a time so if they keep the card they must discard and pass it to the next person. The next person does the same and so on passing cards along on the table until someone gets four of a kind and takes a spoon.

Circle Games

Upset the fruit basket

Set up chairs in a circle, one for everyone minus one. Each person is assigned a fruit, you can use cards or whispers.  The person in the middle calls any fruit and anyone with that fruit must trade seats. If they say “upset the fruit basket” everyone must move.
Supplies: Cards with fruits written on them: banana, grape, apple, pear, orange (whatever you want and as many as you need—probably 1 fruit per 3 people with a maximum for 5 fruits)

Trash Can Game

Everyone holds hands, in the center is a trash can. If you touch the trash can you are out, if you let go of the person next to you both of you are out. Play continues until 1 player remains or both lose.


Players stand in a circle. One person stands in the middle. The person in the middle points to people in the circle and yells “DRAW!” The person she points to ducks, and the persons on either side face each other, form a gun with one hand and yell “BANG!” If the person in the middle does not duck in time they are out. If the middle person ducked whoever yelled bang second is out. Play continues until there are two people left.


Set up: everyone sits in a circle, one person stands in the middle
Pre-Game: the person in the middle closes their eyes, everyone in the circle makes up a sign—an obvious movement of some kind (think baseball 3rd base coach) which is designated as their sign. Be sure that everyone knows everyone else’s sign.
Game Play: You play with an “invisible ball” start by assigning someone to start with the ball. Players will pass the ball by performing someone’s sign, the ball is received by that person performing their sign and then doing someone else’s sign. Players cannot sign if they do not have the ball. The person is the middle is trying to determine who has the ball. They will walk up to someone, point say their name along with “do you have the ball?” If that person has the ball, they cannot lie and they are now in the middle.
Note: Even once a player has passed the ball, until the other person has received the ball they still have the ball.

This is SO MUCH FUN!

Everyone stands in a circle shoulder to shoulder. Straight faced the group jumps up and down in rhythm together and chants “this is so much fun” over and over as dully as possible. If a person smiles or laughs they are out. Play continues until one person remains.

Shuffle Your Buns

Every player grabs a chair and forms a circle with one extra chair, there is one person standing in the middle who is it. Their goal is to sit in the one empty chair. The game begins by the person who is it yelling “left” or “right.” This indicates which way the buns are shuffled. LEFT—move to the chair on your left, RIGHT—move to the chair on your right. If the person who is it sits down the person who should have moved into that chair in now IT. At any time during gameplay IT can change the direction movement of the circle by yelling “left” or “right.”


Everyone stands in a circle looking down at the ground, one person counts down, 3… 2… 1… GO! On Go everyone looks up and stares at the face of another person in the circle. If you make eye contact, you must point at them and scream. If you scream last you are out, if you scream and the other person is not looking at you, you are out. Play continues until last man standing. Winner counts for the next round.