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WHO: Calvary Baptist Church Families, children infant through 6th grade and their families. 
WHAT: Four encouraging evenings together to build up families into stronger gospel-centered communities
WHERE: Calvary Baptist Church's Campus, 5300 Green Pond Road Easton PA 18045
WHEN: Tuesday July 20- Friday July 23 (5:30-8p each evening)

What is Family Camp all about?

Our aim is to bring families closer together relationally and spiritually by spending time together in fun activities, worship, and studying God's Word. This year, we will be studying the book of Jonah, a powerful story about bringing God's Mercy even to our enemies. By building up families, it is our hope to build the larger church body. 

Pandemic Precautions

Weather permitting, camp will take place outdoors. The restroom facilities are indoors where social distancing protocols--including mask wearing--should be observed. 

Daily Itinerary

5:30-6:00 Dinner
6:00-6:20 Worship Together
6:20-7:00 Adventure Classes
7:00-7:25 Large Group Family Game
7:25-7:50 Bible Lesson and Family Discussion
7:50-8:00 Worship Together

Adventure Camp Classes

***Families with children age 5 and under will attend QUAD QUEST, a camp designed to bring God’s Word to life for families with young children.  You will not select an Adventure Class.

STEM with Mr. C. - led by John Cutlip  for children ages 8 and up
This class will be a fun, hands-on experience involving the study of God's creation as it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Participants will have the opportunity to actually take part in learning about basic principles, which are part of our everyday life.  Mr. C will need volunteers to help him demonstrate each lesson and also participants who are happy to simply sit and observe the excitement!

Self-Defense - led by Darryl Kennedy and Caleb Miller
This class will emphasize real-life practical knowledge and techniques for all ages. This course will help to keep children and families safe in an ever-changing  world.

Percussion - led by Mark Esguerra and Mitch Thomas
Learning percussion is incredibly rewarding, but getting started is a challenge. This class introduces children to basic percussion rhythms, common patterns, and stick grip.  They’ll learn how almost any object can be used as a percussion instrument.

Dance - led by Alana Benner
The class will focus on movement/dance that is God honoring. Dance is not only an expression of emotion but provides good exercise for the body. Exodus 15:20 is the first occasion of dance mentioned in the Bible. It was God honoring, joyful rejoicing.  We will demonstrate for the children and their parents a waltz and then teach them a simple line dance for them all to participate in.

Craftastic - led by Deb Bednarcik and Judy Ramella
Did you ever wish you could just try something out to see if you would like it? Maybe you just need a push to try a different craft or hobby; then this is the class for you! We’ll be making four very different kinds of crafts for you to try. Craftastic is all about being crafty and fantastic, making crafty work in an amazing way.  

Tops to Bottoms - led by Christina DiStefano and Lauren Garza
Is the morning/night routine a constant uphill battle with your little ones with long locks? Maybe you just want some go-to [easy] styles that you and your daughter love? Or maybe you are secretly going for yourself? Whatever brings you to this course, we will teach you and your youngins' how to properly care for hair and how to style it with fun, easy braids! AND ... summer means flip flops and bare feet!  Does your daughter or granddaughter take proper care of her feet?  Does she know how?  The last two  days of this course will provide instruction on caring for our feet and making something fun and pretty to wear on them!

Using Illusion and Objects for Spreading the Good News! - led by Mike Bussen
In this class, Mr. Mike will give away a couple of his “secrets” by teaching you how to use illusions to tell the good news.  He’ll also show you how everyday objects can become exciting tools in showing others how much God loves them.

Bicycle Maintenance and Safety - led by Kelly Vanek and Elijah Teilmann
Have you ever had a chain break on your bike or at least fall off?  What happens when the gears slip or the brakes get worn?  What’s the proper inflation for your bike’s tires? What’s the right size bike for you?  After taking this class, you and your child will be able to handle these common issues on your own without having to take your bike to a repair shop, AND you’ll have fun riding on Calvary’s expansive property.  

What to Bring

  • Lawn chairs for each family member
  • OR blankets
  • Water bottle
  • Bible
  • Bug spray


How do I sign up? Click the registration link; don't forget to register for your Adventure Classes!
What do we need to bring? Lawn chairs or blankets, water, your Bible, and bug spray.
What if I have children under 5 yrs old? You will spend the evening in age-appropriate hands-on games, activities, and Bible teaching just for the younger children.
Can I just drop off my children for Family Camp? No, this camp is for the whole family together.
What if I have children in each age group? If you are a single parent, you may choose which program to be a part of, for families with two parents present, we suggest dividing between the two children.
Can I bring my grandchildren? Absolutely! We believe that grandparents can play an integral role in passing on faith to your grandchildren.
We cannot make dinner? Can we still come? Arrive when you can. Of course we want you to be present for the entire program, but we can accommodate difficult schedules.
What if we have dietary restrictions? We will provide peanut-free and gluten-free options, but for allergies or sensitivities requiring stricter diets, we encourage you to pack your own food. We can provide means to heat.