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Luke 18:15-17

Let the Children Come

Pastor Don and Pastor Zach share from Luke 18:15-17. This endearing text features Jesus' call "let the children come to Me!" We will learn about the call that Jesus places on each of our lives and how this passage uniquely speaks to parents on their role to bring their children to Jesus, and to the whole church on how we can raise up the faith of the next generation.

Follow Up Questions

1. Why do you think the disciples rebuked the parents bringing their children to Jesus?

2. What does Jesus mean when he says the Kingdom belongs to SUCH AS these or come with the FAITH OF A CHILD?

3. What are the most important practices that parents can engage in to encourage the faith of their children? If you don't have kids, talk about what you hope to be a priority. If you have kids talk about what you are doing. If your kids are out of the house, talk about what you did or might have done different. If you have grandkids talk about how you are encouraging the faith of your kids as they now are reaching their children.

4. What should the faith community (the church) be doing to reach our children? How should your community group be part of that? How should YOU be part of that?