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Luke 18:9-14

Love God and Others, Not Yourself


  1. What Goes Up Will Look Down
  2. What Goes Up Will Come Down

Follow Up Questions

  1. (Verse 10) Read Psalm 24:1-6, Exodus 19:1-25 and Exodus 20:18-21.  What was it like for God’s people to consider entering the presence of God?

  2. (Verses 9, 11-12) In what ways are you elevating yourself and looking down on others because of your earthly accomplishments and good deeds?

  3. (Verse 13) Read Psalm 34 and 51. Describe the heart and actions of a person who loves and recognizes God for who He is?  What are the blessings this person can expect to receive?

  4. (Verses 14) In what ways have you bought the lie that you need to love yourself before you can love others?  How would explain to someone the difference between finding hope in Jesus’ love for them rather than in their love for themselves?