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Adult Classes at Calvary

Sunday Morning Classes

The Pentateuch-Bible & Doctrine Track
Meets at 9:00am
Led by Pastor Zach, Adam Weiss, and James Osinski in Room 218
The Art of Marriage
Meets at 9:00am
Led by Steve & Stacy Gabrielle in Room 217
The Book of Romans
Meets at 9:00am
Led by Scott Brantingson & Barry Smith in Room 207
Next Steps Membership Class
Meets at 9:00am
Led by Pastor Brennen in Room 106/107
Spanish Bible Study
Meets at 9:00am
Dirigido por Hans Huerta y José Batista en salon 204/205


Christianity Explored
Meets at 6:00pm starting September 12
Led by Pastor Brennen in the Student Center
Meets at 6:30-8:30pm starting September 26
Led by Rob Rassler, Tammy Brown, and Veronica Horvath in Room 106/107


Prayer Meeting
Meets at 6:30am
Led by Pastor Burd in Room 117


Prayer Meeting
Meets at 7:00pm
Led by Pastor Larry Burd and John Boyd in Room 204/5