What is Soul-Care? 

Soul-Care is a counseling ministry of Calvary. In the Bible, counseling is tied closely to discipleship. Sometimes, we all need a more focused discipleship when a crisis or particular struggle arises. Counseling is that focused discipleship. It is personally engaging and scripturally-driven encouragement. It involves redemptive truth being spoken from one forgiven sinner to another. It’s a safe place where the hope of the Gospel is applied to our struggles and suffering.

What kind of counseling is offered?
We strive for our counseling to be biblical. By calling it biblical counseling, we mean it will be shaped by these values:

God’s Glory. We understand life to be ultimately about God’s glory and God’s story, and so, we seek to be God-centered in our speech and goals.

Dignity of all People. Because all people have been made in the image of God, we take suffering and sin seriously and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Cross-Centered. We understand the Cross and the Gospel to be the ultimate solution for all of life’s challenges. Therefore, rather than point people to a program, theory, or experience, we want to point them to Jesus.

Maturity in Christ. We counsel to help people mature in Christ, rather than help them manage their problems. We have a goal for all people: living out who we are in Jesus.

Heart Focused. We acknowledge the complexity of suffering and sin and seek to uncover, with the Spirit’s help, a person’s heart, their motivations, and how they have been affected by circumstances and relationships.

Bible Driven. We believe God’s Word is authoritative and relevant for all of life’s issues. As such, we believe that everything we do and say in counseling is ultimately rooted in Scripture.

To learn more about the kind of counseling that is offered, read our Approach to Counseling and Calvary’s Statement of Faith.

Who can come for counseling?

Anyone who is a part of the Calvary Baptist community can come for counseling.

What are some of the issues commonly addressed in Soul-Care?
  •  marital difficulties
  • dealing with conflict
  • living with pain
  • pain from the past
  • broken relationships
  • anger
  • stress
  • fear and anxiety
  • worry
  • temptation
  • guidance
  • priorities
  • guilt
  • feeling rejected/burned out
  • parental difficulties
  • addictions
  • abuse
  • depression
  • sexual struggles
Who are the counselors?
All our counselors are trained and trusted members of Calvary who are able to handle your struggles and hurts with appropriate care and wisdom. They can be trusted to interact with you in confidence, except when biblical wisdom would have them get others involved. They are accountable to Calvary’s leaders and will humbly acknowledge if they think it’s wise for you to find help outside of our ministry, in addition to the encouragement they would want to give you.

What does counseling cost?
This is a ministry to the Calvary church family, so we currently do not charge for it. However, we respect the time of our counselors and the need for an organized schedule. So, there will be a charge for missed appointments.

When does counseling take place and how long does it last?
Soul-Care meets mainly on Mondays at Calvary. Appointments are forty- five minutes long. The number of sessions will fluctuate. However, we ask people to commit to a minimum of six sessions.

How can appointments be made?
The Soul-Care Form is the only one you need to fill-out if you want counseling.

The Counseling Agreement lets you know what you’ll be agreeing to, and will need to be signed at your first counseling appointment. Please read it now so you know what to expect.

Download Form

Our Statement of Faith gives you more information on our basic biblical worldview, and our Approach to Counseling describes how we seek to counsel. You do not need to read them, but you might find them helpful to know.

We would love to help you out as soon as we can, but please understand that if all our counselors’ schedules are full, it may take some time. Please know we will do what we can to help you get the help you need. For questions or more information, contact Paul Wilson (Adult Ministries Pastor) at: