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Plugged In –
Plugged In is a Focus on the Family movie, TV and music resource.  The website provides reviews, articles and discussions to help understand and navigate your families’ entertainment.

Selecting a Bible for Teens

There is more to choosing a Bible than picking a cool cover. The information below may help to explain different types of Bibles available and provide guidance for selecting the best fit for your teen.

Types of Bibles
With the variety of Bible types available today, consider which model fits your child’s need:
• Reference Bibles — Contain a cross-reference system, to refer the reader to related verses.
• Study Bibles — Provide helpful info about biblical people, places, times and specific Bible passages. Includes maps, charts, introductions, outlines, and concordances. Great for study.
• Thinline Bibles — A smaller version of a reference Bible. Not too thick to carry or pack easily.
• Personal-Size Bibles — Very small size with minimal extra info. Great for carrying around.
• Devotional Bibles — Includes daily reading plans with devotional thoughts (for boys or girls).

Bible Translations
A number of excellent Bible translations have been produced in the past several decades:
• NLT — Easy to read. Translated phrase-by-phrase. Great for devotional reading.
• NIV — Easy to read and memorize. Very popular. Clear, but not wordy. Not as good for study.
• ESV or NASB — Word-for-word translation style. Requires a stronger reading ability for children. Great for Bible study.

Bible by Age Group
There is not a standard recommendation for any age, but the following may prove helpful:
• Middle School — Some teens are ready for ESV or NASB and desire study or reference features.
• High School – More likely to want devotional Bibles and study Bibles with more information.

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