LibraryThe Church Library (Room 220) provides congregants with materials which may help them in their growth and walk with the Lord. For example, resources are available to help provide an understanding of sin, redemption through Jesus Christ, and spiritual maturity. Other selections highlight the use of spiritual disciplines to grow in knowledge, grace, faith, and love.

You can even use the Library to find out where you fit. Find out about how you may serve in the ministry for which God has prepared you, how to effectively participate in the body of Christ, or how to answer the call to evangelism and missions.

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2015 August-September Newsletter


The library is open – 20 minutes before – 20 minutes between – and 20 minutes after the Sunday morning services.

Also – before or after the Wednesday classes the Librarian or a library assistant may be available to assist you with checking out items.

The Librarian may also be available at other times, or you may call the Church Office for more information weekdays from 8 a.m – 5 p.m.


Currently over 2200 books are cataloged. Books can be borrowed for a week at a time, and borrowing can be extended by renewing a book that has been checked out.

The books are classified by a modified Dewey decimal system. Some general categories include Bible Commentary, Theology, Religions and Sects, Christian Life and Character, Prayer, Inspirational Messages, Christian Marriage and Family, Parenting, Adolescence, Evangelism, Soul-Winning, Discipleship, Missions, Biography, Fiction, Books for Young Children, Books for Children, Missionary Stories for Children.


VHS and DVDs are on the back side of the peninsula stack—Stack 10—which is the last stack in the church library collection.

The Church Library is beginning to build up its DVD collection. Some titles include: The Living Truth with Pastor Burd, Answers in Genesis, Veggie Tales, Sugar Creek Gang. In addition there are a few non-fiction and fiction movies.

We continue to offer VHS videos, and they are located on the top two shelves.

Video Sign Out

The videos and DVDs must be signed out on the form that is kept in a file folder on the shelf. Please provide complete information including your name and media title. Please indicate if the selection is a VHS/DVD. Limit borrowing to one VHS or DVD per person. Media is traditionally borrowed for one week at a time.