Adult Ministries

AdultMinistriesAt Calvary, we are serious about the Gospel and lives of faith, love, and hope. That’s why we are serious about worshiping God, growing in Christ, and serving in the Spirit. Our main Sunday morning service of worship is all about this. But there are some things the main worship service can’t presently do. There are a lot of us, so it’s hard to really get to know people in the community. It’s centralized at Green Pond, so to love people well in your neighborhood, you may have to do things in your neighborhood. It’s for all kinds of people, so people with specific struggles and trials may need more concentrated care. It is for all those reasons (and more!) that we have these other adult ministries. Scroll through the ministries, and let’s get more serious about our God and his Gospel together.

To see some of our current classes and groups, look at our  2015 Adult Fall Ministries Booklet.

Adult Ministries Staff:

Sue Cutlip (Administrative Assistant):

Jill Schaffer (CalvaryCare Ministry Coordinator):

Brennen Sullivan (Adult Discipleship Pastor):

Jack Tanis (Visitation Pastor):

Paul Wilson (Adult Ministries Pastor):