Cooped-Up Inside with Little Kids?

We all want spring to get here. I can’t keep track of all the people at Calvary who have slipped on the ice and had serious injuries. On top of that, it can become depressing being inside all the time. And for parents of young children, it can get especially crazy. Here is a great article written about that by a Biblical Counselor with CCEF, Alasdair Groves. Read it yourself, and pass it on to any parents of young children who may be helped by it.

Are you a cynic or a friend of one?

I admit it. I can be pretty cynical at times. In some circles, this would be welcomed. I would even be embraced as one who has the right disposition to life. But being a cynic is at odds with my identity as a forgiven follower and child of God.  Paul Maxwell, in his insightful article “Putting Off Cynicism”, helps us understand what it means to be cynical, the dangers of being cynical, and the road away from it. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you should especially read it.

Prosperity Gospel Revisited

A few Sundays ago I mentioned the prosperity gospel in my sermon. A great ministry called 9marks just came out with their bimonthly ejournal, and it is all about the prosperity gospel. Most of the articles are short, but right on the money biblically speaking. You will be spiritually richer and biblically healthier if you read these.

Reading “Jesus Calling” with discernment

The devotional book “Jesus Calling” has become wildly popular, especially among women. And just like everything we read and watch, we need to read with biblical discernment. “Jesus Calling” is no exemption. So if you have read it, are reading it, or plan to read it, what things should you keep in mind? Kathy Keller, wife of Manhattan pastor Tim Keller, explains well why she cannot recommend it. If you are interested in more background, Christianity Today had an article on Sarah Young (the author of “Jesus Calling”) and the controversy surrounding the book.

If you don’t want to read those articles, here’s the main thing for you to keep in mind (something to keep in mind no matter what you are reading): if you are taking 5 minutes a day to read “Jesus Calling” but are not spending  5 minutes reading your Bible, then stop reading “Jesus Calling” and start reading your Bible more. The Bible is sufficient for all that we need for life and godliness.

The Gospel for a Gay Friend

As biblical Christians, we don’t want to settle for cheap and shallow slogans concerning homosexuality, both concerning those active in the gay community, and concerning fellow Christians who struggle with same-sex attraction. Here is a great article on how to be a loving friend and caring evangelist to the people we know in the gay community.

Trick or Treat?

Bethlehem Township had their “Trick-or-Treat” night last Friday, but today’s the official day for children wandering around neighborhoods, begging for candy from strangers who must oblige. I remember my first halloween as a home owner three years ago. I was excited to give out candy to the neighborhood kids, but ended up pretty disappointed because 1.) there really aren’t many neighborhood kids, and 2.) of the ten kids who did come to our door, three or four of them were dressed up as pimps. Yikes!

Halloween can be a tricky topic to think wisely about as Christians. To help you think biblically, consider this article by Justin Holcomb on the Gospel Coalition. Its worth your time.